Centennials vs. Millennials – Spot the difference

Centennials vs. Millennials – Spot the difference

Whilst there isn’t a clear consensus on the exact years that define these two generations, most researchers class them as follows: 

Centennials – born between 1995-2005
Millennials – born between 1980-1995

In 2019, Centennials will surpass Millennials as the largest generation, and it might surprise you to know, they differ vastly to their predecessors.

‘Centennials will be the most independent and ambitious generation yet’

While these digital natives may bring an exceptional level of technology skills to the team, there are some fears about their ability to communicate and form strong interpersonal relationships in the workplace. It’s believed that they struggle to interact with people outside their peer group, especially face to face.

However, these fears should be dismissed. Centennials will be the most independent and ambitious generation yet, with their priority being to expand their skill set and experience as quickly as possible. They are more pragmatic and results driven than past generations and they crave mentoring, not management. This means business owners need to be ahead of the game to keep them challenged and motivated. Not only will this develop their staff, it will drive their organisation forward.

People shape your workplace culture. Personalities, background and experiences of employees create the heart of a business. So if you are trying to succeed in diversifying your workforce, the best way to do so is by making sure your employees are as dynamic as humanly possible. This of course includes the Centennial generation that you will inevitably be recruiting into your ranks.

‘Your company values are not just a series of giant words in vinyl on your board room wall’

As well as diversity, company values are key pathways to success for your business. Making sure the values of your company and your employees are aligned is paramount. A common reason why staff feel unhappy at work is because their personal values are not reflected in the organisation they work for.

Your company values are not just a series of giant words in vinyl on your board room wall, they are the values that people see in the decisions made every day in the workplace. If people don’t feel represented or share some kind of common identity with the mission of their employer, you’ll be adding obvious and unnecessary barriers to your success as a team.

Consider your company’s values in great detail. Don’t just think about what you’re trying to achieve, but why it matters to you in the first place. Not only will this engage your employees, you’ll be adding value to your brand with clear messaging that tells your customers who you are and what you stand for.

‘Your business needs this generation of digital natives’

As the UK’s leading youth charity, we know that Centennials believe in authenticity and openness. They seek truths and have ethical awareness for themselves, the wider environment and humankind as a whole. Ensuring your company values align with all generations is how you begin to build an even greater company culture.

Once you’ve carefully considered your company’s values, you’ll need to also consider how you are going to reach the next generation of talent. Where are you going to find those that share the passion for your cause?

There is a clever solution. By using a service like Get Hired, you’ll be situating your business at the forefront of innovative recruitment and showing centennials that you’re serious about your motivations. You’ll get to the heart of what matters to both you and your candidates by meeting them at one of our speed interview sessions. Or advertise both your company and your jobs the right way with our unique jobs board; lead with your values and delve into the UK’s largest pool of entry-level talent.

Your business needs this generation of digital natives to continue driving your success. Download a pledge pack now to find out more.