Recruitment is changing; traditional methods are no longer enough to hire top talent

Recruitment is changing; traditional methods are no longer enough to hire top talent

Traditional recruitment follows a familiar formula:

  1. Advertise your role
  2. Interview your candidates
  3. Make a decision

A huge number of companies are still falling into the trap of this deceptively labour intensive and costly process. Recruitment requires innovative thinking. As you attract budding talent to your growing organisation, you want them to be excited by the work that you’re doing and share the business’ core values.

We are lucky enough to witness the birth of a new generation of digital natives; millennials who live, eat and breathe technologies that didn’t exist even twenty years ago. Traditional recruitment is outdated and could be hindering you from reaching the candidates that you need to keep your company at the forefront of your industry. So, with that said, what needs to change?

Increased Time

Hiring new staff, no matter the role, can be a slow and uninspiring process for the person responsible, especially when you are restricted to one method of implementation. Are you creating room for growth and innovation? If you’re following the traditional recruitment stream, you could be creating more work for yourself and your team. Your time is precious and to review each job application individually demands a lot of it, especially if you’re managing a high volume of candidates.

Additionally, it can be tricky to maintain consistency throughout this process ensuring that each candidate gets the same level of attention given to their review. This can put you at risk of missing out on excellent candidates and making biased decisions.


Improved Diversity

Increasing diversity within your business is a form of innovation. People of all backgrounds, ages and experiences bring unique perspectives and knowledge to their role and the overall workplace culture. Diversity shouldn’t be something that just gets lip service and nothing more.

Traditional recruitment methods can be cold and impersonal. They do not automatically favour diversity and they allow room for human biases. Moreover, the experience of a candidate applying for a position with your company should always be a positive one, no matter the outcome; this is their first intimate insight into the inner workings of your business and putting your best face forward should be the priority.

By recognising the impactful difference that diversity can bring to your workforce and adopting this into your recruitment process, you’ll discover a multitude of benefits.



The majority of businesses are spending approximately £5,400 on hiring, per new recruit following the traditional route of recruitment. The costs aren’t always apparent and can mean a big dent in your business’ budget and with little room for error.

In addition to this, the staff that you’re paying to screen candidates are having their attention diverted from their other daily tasks. Recruitment can result in an underestimated disruption to the workflow, causing delays and increasing costs for your company.

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