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Get Hired: By Young People, For Young People

Get Hired: By Young People, For Young People

In October, a group of Young People started work experience with the Innovation Team at The Prince’s Trust. They worked on improving the Get Hired Live and Get Hired Jobs websites by delving into data analysis and conducting some seriously impressive research. They have been communicating their findings to Prince’s Trust staff who will now seek to implement these changes. It is our vision to build a community on this new platform that is designed by young people, for young people.

Let’s meet our amazing team of young volunteers!

Tell us who you are in a sentence? 

Alice: I am an enthusiastic, organised, problem solver.  

Felicia: My name is Felicia, I am a young driven ambitious woman on a mission to grow, contribute and find fulfillment. 

Ruby: Highly motivated individual, who radiates authenticity, concern and passion, unafraid to stand up and represent for diversity and inclusion. 

Nathalie: I am someone who is full of life and does not allow challenges to define me. 

What inspired you to take this career path? 

Alice: When I started University, I wanted to work with children and young people, and even after my work aspirations shifted slightly, I still wanted to work within a charity or third sector organisation which drives to improves the lives of young people.  

In 2016, I took up a three months internship within a youth mental health charity in London, and while I was there, I was given tasks that helped with their business transformation, and I got to see what the fundraising and operation teams were doing to improve the lives of young people, and it draw my interest to working within project/programmes within a youth based charity or organisation. Then the ‘Get into Project Management and Business Analysis’ Programme I did with The Prince’s Trust back in August really affirmed that this was what I wanted to do.  

Thank you Treasure for inviting me to participate in the programme and introducing me to the work experience opportunity. 

Ruby: During the summer of 2019, I was talking to a close friend about the challenges of recruitment processes (as a recent graduate) and was forwarded a flyer for the ‘Get into Project Management and Business Analysis Programme’ at The Prince’s Trust. A few weeks later, I had attended a ‘Taster Day’ at The Morgan Stanley Centre (Poplar) and sparked a keen interest into the ‘digital transformation’ of services, using PRINCE2. I was also able to manage, change and plan for the future in line with the client’s needs. 

Why did you volunteer for The Prince’s Trust project? 

Felicia: Volunteering on The Prince’s Trust Innovation Team project is one of the most significant decisions I ever made. I volunteered on the project because the work follows the career path I am interested in. I knew that I would acquire some knowledge and experiences that will be significant in my career journey. 

Nathalie: I chose to volunteer with The Prince’s Trust because I love what they stand for. It’s a great opportunity to be able to volunteer in an organisation that genuinely works hard to help Young People fulfill their dreams. 

What did you work on? 

Alice: During this project I have worked on a few things as a project management volunteer.  I managed the project plan, created an action plan based on mine and the team’s data analysis, worked on ideas for marketing videos, worked on the application process for Get Hired Live and Get Hired Jobs. 

Felicia: During the project, I focused more on data analytics. I worked on cleaning and analysing a large data set on the number of young people who registered for The Prince’s Trust: Get Hired events from January until September. With the result from the analysis, I suggested that there was need to disperse the location of employers attending the event as this will provide a larger base of jobs. This further prompted the lead generation of businesses across London. 

Ruby: I supported the Get Hired project. The platform has just launched, for LIVE and JOBS, and I am working on enhancing the users’ (businesses/young people) experience, via ‘Feedback and Outcomes’ analysis and an ‘Action Plan’ for the Operations/Innovation Teams. 

What did you love most about the experience? 

Alice: I loved collaborating with everyone on the project. Teamwork is the key to a good project. Vicky has been a real help in developing our skills and experience. The programme I did during August at the Trust was a good introduction as well.  

Felicia: For me, it was the flexible working pattern that incorporated the Agile methodology which includes having Daily scrum. Employing the PRINCE2 method of project management into the project for a short period of time also made the project controllable. Collaborating with like-minded individuals gave me a sense of belonging to a common goal. 

Ruby: Playing a ‘strategic lead’ in the successful implementation of #GetHired platform (, but also to work in an AGILE manner which focuses on shared values and the engagement of stakeholders. 

Nathalie: What I loved most was working alongside such determined and ambitious Young People. 

What is the soundtrack to your life? 

Alice: I would say it is a mixture of songs. These are; “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten; “Brave” by Sara Bareilles; and “Don’t stop believing” by the Journey.

Felicia: The evergreen soundtrack to my life will be ‘On top of the world’ by Imagine Dragons. 

Ruby: I often listen to ‘Masterpiece’ by Jessie J. On Spotify, it could be Billie Eilish or Ella Mai, or maybe a bit of an Afro-Swing playlist. 

Nathalie: Stevie Wonder – “Master Blaster”

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