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Sehaj’s Studio Lambert Story

Sehaj’s Studio Lambert Story

When Sehaj graduated from university, she found ways to be productive during unemployment. She moved in between unpaid traineeships and had a small print design business on the side that was doing well on Instagram. It helped to sharpen her Photoshop skills and brought in a much-needed stream of income.

“I was on benefits for two months but it wasn’t helping. I didn’t want to be a struggling graduate, sitting at home and doing nothing. I felt productive working from home instead of watching morning TV whilst waiting for employers to reply back.”

The Get Into Web Design with ASOS programme was advertised on Indeed and it caught her interest. After speaking to a Prince’s Trust Executive over the phone, she felt positive about the opportunity to build up her experience and add value to her CV. Even now, employers still ask Sehaj about her participation in the programme and the work she undertook at ASOS.

“The variety of programmes offered by The Prince’s Trust can help anyone. The initial push on the Get Into programme helped me realise that all young people are in the same boat.”

This was Sehaj’s starting point and she was then invited to attend a Get Hired event. It was an attractive and unique opportunity to choose the employers she wanted to be interviewed by. She was not keen on taking up more work experience opportunities because she had never been able to secure a job at the end. Despite this, she was encouraged to interview with Studio Lambert on the day. Sehaj has been working there as an Office Runner for six months and has recently been promoted as a Production Executive Assistant.

“I put my hand up and did extra work around social media and designing so colleagues were aware of the route I wanted to take. I was promoted because they wanted to keep supporting me to get to where I want to be within the company.”

Sehaj found many avenues of support through The Prince’s Trust. Firstly, she had a dedicated Prince’s Trust Executive who would continuously email her opportunities and pick up the phone when she hit a low point in her job search. In addition, she was assigned a mentor who shared a coffee with her every week and helped with CV feedback and interview skills. Once she started work at Studio Lambert, Sehaj had financial worries before receiving her first pay slip and was able to apply for a Development Award to fund her first month’s travel too.

“I can’t be more grateful. Not everyone is confident when they leave university and start looking for work. If I hadn’t stuck with The Prince’s Trust, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Go for it!”