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Amina’s Prince’s Trust Story

Amina’s Prince’s Trust Story

Amina has always been a hard worker with a passion for working with young people, as well as a straight A/A* student at school and college. However, after graduating from Winchester University with a law degree in 2013, she found it difficult to find paid work. She volunteered at various youth organizations, including Catch22, in order to boost her skills and experience, but was still struggling to secure a full time, paid position. This naturally started to affect her self-esteem and eventually also her mental health.


I had times where I felt very low and depressed, I suffered from anxiety about my next life stages wanting to jump start my career I hadn’t been in a paid job seriously since graduating.”


She first found the Prince’s Trust through her volunteering work in the youth sector in 2016. After completing a Prince’s Trust – Get Started in Facilities Management program, she secured a volunteering role at St Giles Trust in the hopes of getting into a paid job in the youth sector. For the next two years, she developed her experience and skills whilst working with disadvantaged young people.


“I was looking for a paid job in the charity sector as well as volunteering for a leading charity that helped young offenders and focused on social inclusion.”


During this time, she continued to apply to jobs in the youth sector but it was all starting to feel like a familiar struggle to find paid work in the field that she loved. Then in 2019, she reconnected with the Prince’s Trust and decided to try out a new program she’d heard about called Get Hired – a monthly, one-day event designed to match up job-ready candidates to employers with live vacancies in a series of speed dating style interviews.


“I was anxious and excited as it meant a positive change in my life, but I knew it was a way to jumpstart my employability as it was a chance to meet lots of employers in a more informal setting.”


It was at Get Hired, that Amina was supported by Prince’s Trust staff to interview for an Operations Executive role at the Prince’s Trust itself. After attending Get Hired and securing a final interview, she then attended a Get Prepared session, a program providing tailored support and mock interviews from corporate volunteers to help Get Hired candidates to prepare for their final interviews. Amina was successful in her final interview and has been happily pursuing her passion for working with young people at the Prince’s Trust since October 2019.


“The Prince’s Trust has given me a purpose in life and helped me where no one else could. It has single-handedly, shaped and created my working career.”


She plans to continue at the Prince’s Trust to further develop her skills, network with industry professionals and see what doors might open for her in the future. When asked what Amina would say to a young person who is facing similar barriers as she did, she told us:


“I would definitely say 100% go ahead and take that first step to get involved as this is an amazing organisation that genuinely cares for young people and will give you the support you need and deserve to reach your goals.”