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Wendy’s At Your Service Story

Wendy’s At Your Service Story

Wendy has a real passion for travel and tourism but after enrolling in the college course, she was not given the chance to get out and explore the world. She was disappointed to end up being drowned in assignments and research. After a period where she also suffered from bullying and the passing of her mum, Wendy reached a point of zero confidence and low self-esteem which resulted in her leaving her education behind.

After spending some time looking for work via the jobcentre, Wendy was referred to The Prince’s Trust for the Team program which lasted 12 weeks. She got involved in a variety of activities including a work placement in a charity shop as well as restoring a primary school garden. It was a busy period of personal development and gaining valuable employability skills.

“I didn’t know what to expect. The main reason I went was because of the residential trip to the Lake District. It was an opportunity to travel!”


In the summer of 2015, Wendy was admitted into hospital after being diagnosed with a sickle cell disease, amongst a series of other serious health issues. She spent a total of three years recovering after many trips in and out of the hospital. Wendy pushed through her setbacks and survived the most difficult period of her life. She gained renewed strength and determination to find out what she was passionate about doing in her career.


In August 2018, The Prince’s Trust held a Get Hired event at Christie’s London. Wendy was assigned a progression mentor by The Prince’s Trust who was able to sign her up as it was a great opportunity to secure work in a short space of time. The event was attended by over 80 young people who were motivated and ready for work.

Wendy felt a bit nervous because she still was not sure what she wanted to do but the pressure was building to start doing something and earn money. In the end, she loved being able to meet employers in person and felt that she had many options to choose from in terms of the industries she could pursue.


Since then, Wendy has been working with At Your Service, an agency specializing in staffing for the hospitality sector. She has experienced new things because of the work she does at events all over London and her social life has massively improved. She hopes to move forward in her career to a point that reflects her passion for travel and photography.


“I want people to know we all go through struggles – physically, mentally and emotionally. I felt alone for a long time, crippled in all areas and suicidal at one point. The Prince’s Trust was my ladder and they helped me on my way up.”