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Black History Month Special : Celebrating Talent

Black History Month Special : Celebrating Talent

To launch Black History Month, we are hosting a special Trust Talk this Thursday, October 1st  with speakers from the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and Apple.

This essential panel discussion is set to feature a range of inspiring speakers, highlighting how companies can implement real change and celebrate black excellence in the workplace.

The opportunity to celebrate Black History Month is of the utmost importance to The Prince’s Trust. The young people that we are proud to work with and support every year represent an incredibly diverse group, each with their own story to share. Black History Month is a chance to platform the marginalised black voices in our community and learn how we must agree to action change towards a positive and equal future.

Learn from the experts:

  • What are the biggest barriers that talent face? How can we address these.

  • The recruitment process and empowering talent to senior positions.

  •  How can black talent add value to companies?

  • How do we break the stereotypes and avoid tokenism?

  • Celebrating black owned businesses / entrepreneurship.

Expert Panel Speakers:

Chanel Noel
: Head of Programmes – Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

Henry Agbo : Senior Program Manager of Financing and Monthly Payments/ Chair of Black at Apple Staff Network – Apple Retail UK

Sideman – Presenter, Comedian and Creator – Prince’s Trust Celebrity Ambassador

Emma Kampi – Young Ambassador at The Prince’s Trust

Keman Allen – Host and Operations Executive at The Prince’s Trust